Showcase Adwords Positioning of Your Company's Services-Products in Aperados

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    Don't complicate your life...!!, don't make web pages with services that don't give you sales and that quickly become obsolete, don't make your own complex and expensive web shops if you don't have the adequate staff, and even more, if your store doesn't achieve the desired sales levels, then you will have to implement an advertising campaign with relative levels of effectiveness, ending up in an exhausting process that will take you out of your core business. We are Master Service of Google which will give you advantages when buying advertising services in Google.

    Create your own service store without making any great effort. Buy 5 or more showcases of services-products to have a better advertising coverage of what you or your company sells, all on a proven platform, specialized, and high availability, only charges the advertising on the Internet and a commission for business volume.

    This service is designed for companies that want to offer their services-products with specific advertising within our website via Google advertising opting for the first preferences of Google search. The contact between the final customer and the service provider is in conjunction with Aperados.

    Aperados is much more than a Virtual Showcase, it is a commercial and sales management platform, which will help you standardize your services and support large volumes of customer quotes requirement, and give commercial follow-up and service level to their already closed businesses, all on a specialized platform and high availability at a minimum price.

    Many reasons to be an Aperados Provider member.
    Position your services-products in the first places of the Web.
    Do not risk fines for the use of Adwords without being MSA.
    Expand your customer base.
    Don't worry about the tedious quotation and sale process.
    Don't spend time and money on making Web pages that are visited little, losing also the ability to update them.
    Simplify yourself and don't try to create your own web shop, it's a really complex process.
    Avoid the bad time of implementing complex software within your company, or even more, of integrating them with your website or web store.
    Simplify the process of diffusion of your new products.
    Simplify the process of purchase and payment of your customers with a single intermediary.
    Improve your cash flow to your customers.
    Have logistic support in the production and delivery of your services.
    Complement your services with others of similar characteristics of the community, which adds impulse to your product.
    Participate in Pack's that enhance your offer.

    This Portal-shop aims to provide services in one place, thus facilitating business relationships between customers and suppliers in the most varied areas of the Chilean industry.

    Within this framework, we have proposed to simplify to the maximum the process of selection and purchase, limiting the same in price, variety and complexity, thus covering the needs of the company in the shortest time possible, giving timely response to an important range of services disseminated and not guaranteed in the current market.

    The values are expressed without taxes.